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First of all, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for your kind support and utilizing our products, sales and services for many years.

I was graduated from Nagoya University School of Engineering in 1997. While I was studying in Nagoya University, we started exporting used vehicles from Japan to Myanmar. In 1993, “Trendy Nagoya Co.” was started to establish and carried out trading between Japan and Myanmar.

Until 1996, the business had been expanding smoothly, but we had a tough time started from 1997 to 2010, due to the restriction of import and having very limited Import-licence in Myanmar. In 2011, a large scale of import for used automobiles was approved as part of relaxing import restriction, we re-started exporting very large number of used vehicles to Myanmar and develop automobile related business. We also expanded new business areas in Industrial Equipments Business, Electric Power Business, Marine Engine Business, Water Treatment and Engineering Business, Housing & Interior Business and so on to harmonize with the requirement and development of Business in Myanmar.

Japan is our second home country in our life and I would like to contribute the international exchange of the two countries, of Japan and Myanmar. We, Trendy Group, will provide high quality service to our customers with reasonable price. We guarantee to provide high quality service to our customers with 3S spirits (Seikaku:Accuracy, Shinsetsu:kindness, Shinrai: Trustfullness). Once again, thank you very much for paying attention towards our products and services!

Than Ohn Ph.D